The best Minecraft vanilla texture packs are the ones that only make subtle changes to the game’s appearance. By default, Minecraft has a nice look to it, that’s got it to where it is today: it is the most popular videogame of all time.

That’s not to say it couldn’t use a visual update, since its style has been pretty similar for over a decade now. That’s why, if you’re a huge fan of the look and feel of vanilla Minecraft, you may want to go with a vanilla resource pack.

A vanilla-style texture pack stays true to the way Minecraft looks by default. This means it won’t alter any textures in any drastic way. The opposite is true: it tries to add subtle improvements and details to the existing Minecraft textures.

Some of the most popular vanilla resource packs have over a million downloads. People that don’t want to abandon the amazing look of Minecraft’s default texture pack, really enjoy the small tweaks these packs bring.

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